On-demand Mobility Expertise

Movability will help you assemble a high-performing team to support your organization. We work together with you to assure that the consultants working with you have the deep subject matter understanding that you need, in order to ensure success and an efficient turnaround of any given project.

Meet some of our consultants

Lars Christian Grødem-Olsen from Movability Mobility Consulting

Lars Christian Grødem-Olsen

Project Management + Ownership & Mobility Expertise

About Lars: 

Lars will help you get a grip on which expert to speak to in order to solve your issues. If it’s supply chain, pricing, customer experience or other areas, Lars will connect with the right person. He will also help you understand the connections between Policy, Customer preferences and Operations in Mobility. This knowledge helps you understand what people in Mobility care about and why, so you can be more effective at your job. 

Lars holds deep knowledge on many different levers within mobility organizations through his tenure as a director in TIER Mobility, and as a consultant for private and governmental organizations in the mobility sector. Lars will see to it that your project is supported by the relevant resources to ensure a timely and successful outcome. 

Key achievements:

  • Scaled TIER Mobility Norway to 200 employees, 10 cities, 9K vehicles and 400K+ users
  • Founded Movability, and has conducted unparalleled research into the effect of regulations on profitability for Micromobility operators
  • Interviewed over 10 mobility leaders and written for various publications
  • Founded two bands, and co-founded a car-sharing startup (seed stage) and a record label (exited)
Morten Askeland from Movability Mobility Consulting

Morten Askeland

Mobility expertise & Project Management

About Morten: 

Morten will speed up your processes with his start-up get-things-done attitude. As needed he will do operational, policy and commercial analyses to execute on the tasks that help you get where you need to go. Morten led the Norwegian market for TIER Mobility and was the CCO of a car-sharing start-up.Thriving in hectic and complex environments Morten will ensure project execution with his get-things-done attitude attained through his years of serving as a director in several mobility scale-ups and start-ups.

Key achievements:

  • Led the strategic expansion of TIER Mobility in the Norwegian market, achieving 100% YoY revenue growth
  • Elevating TIERs brand presence securing over 50% media share in the Norwegian market
Adrian Lee from Movability Mobility Consulting

Adrian Lee

Project Management & Strategy

About Adrian

You can count on Adrian to help you understand your strategic issues by asking great questions, managing your project and structuring insightful research to help you build effective strategies. As a McKinsey consultant he’s provided strategic insights for both airlines and car-manufacturers on Mobility issues. Adrians tenure as an operations director for two Silicon Valley scale-ups and McKinsey will ensure your project is in the best of hands. 

Key achievements:

  • Mapped competitive landscape of 20+ players across the electric vehicle charging industry to inform market entry strategy
  • Identified key value drivers for purchasers and users of charging infrastructure through expert interviews
  • Co-developed business cases and implementation plans with VP-level clients for projects totaling $10M in run-rate earnings
Javier Luengo Molero from Movability Mobility Consulting

Javier Luengo Molero 

Statistical analyses, Project Management and Strategy

About Javier: 

Javier will be your go-to in structuring knowledge into compelling strategic arguments as well as analyzing complex qualitative and quantitative data. He has experience from urban logistics, operations and data analysis. His proficiency in advanced data manipulation tools like Python, SQL, R and Tableau gives Movability the ability to analyze large, complex datasets so you don't have to.

Javier is a seasoned analyst with years of experience from Fortune 500 corporations and scale-ups, such as Glovo, Amazon, Accenture and Boston Consulting Group. 

Key achievements:

  • Scaled the LaaS business unit at Glovo from 1000 to 6000 packages per day in less than a year, improving unit economics, and facilitating the closing of several relevant partners
  • Founded an AI company in the health-tech space to automate processes and humanize care

Christian Reid

Mobility expertise & Project Management

About Christian: 

You will get peace-of-mind that your project is in safe hands with Christian. Even in chaotic environments, his structure and empathetic understanding of people and processes have helped many projects to succeed. Christian was a part of leading the myTIER project internationally, TIER Mobility’s subscription service, as well as TIERs shared Micromobility operations in Norway.

Christian’s operational tenure at TIER Mobility and New York based ICSC has given Christian a unique ability to quickly understand and solve operational bottlenecks in large markets, ensuring your project is progressing without delay.

Key achievements:

  • Developed and implemented go-to-market strategies on projects across Europe and North America.
  • Set up and ran the day-to-day operations for a B2C accelerated e-commerce startup across 3 countries.
  • Led all operational projects and expansion within TIER Mobility’s largest region, and facilitated growth from 3 to 8 cities, deployed 10,000 and hired a team of 150.
Fabian Paasche Engesæth from Movability Mobility Consulting

Fabian Paasche Engesæth

Analyst & Project support

About Fabian: 

Fabian is at your service to conduct stellar user and desk research, compile data and improve your product design where needed to make sure it meets the customer in an empathetic way. He previously worked with Customer Success in Car-sharing. 

Key achievements:

  • Worked on ebike procurement strategy for PTA
  • Improved accounting procedures
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Equipped for Every Challenge

Sometimes you need more hands on deck to get the ship to where you are going. To achieve necessary scale for bigger projects and widen capabilities, Movability has partnerships with consulting companies, engineering companies and mobility research institutes. So if you need scale or cross-disciplinary teams we’re prepared to help you find the right mix.

Industry network

Movability maintains ongoing relationships with governmental agencies and major mobility organizations across the EMEA region. Through our industry network we can interview key stakeholders to generate relevant insights for your project.

Mobility Operators

Mobility Industry Vendors

Public City Officials


Public Transport Authorities

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