- Lars Christian Grødem-Olsen

"I think new mobility will follow a similar path to how public transportation has developed historically. If mobility provides significant benefits to society, it should be supported financially where it makes sense. Government agencies and mobility companies can lead or lag behind in this process. Real innovation won't happen unless we understand what drives the market. I founded Movability to help cities and companies understand these changes."

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About Lars

Meet our Managing Director

Norwegian mobility expert Lars has a global presence and a knack for simplifying complex issues. He's known for launching multiple ventures and frequently takes on roles as a keynote speaker and moderator at mobility conferences. He contributes in Zag Daily interviewing mobility leaders from an industry perspective.

Managing Director, Movability
Consulting company connecting clients with hyper-relevant mobility experts and consultants.
2021 - Present
Management-for-hire, Ruter
Public Transit Authority in the Oslo region. Working on topics related to Micromobility, MaaS and Mobility Hubs
2022 - Present
Country Manager, TIER Mobility
Launched and scaled the Norwegian market for TIER. Lars took it from 1 city and 200 vehicles to around 10 cities with 10 000 vehicles.
2019 - 2021
Co-founder, Hayk
A part of the ideation phase for a car-sharing SaaS company. Now an investor.
Founder and lead singer, Tôg
Founder of a disco-pop band that sold to gold and played at large festivals and toured internationally.
2009 - 2014
Co-founder, Brilliance
Helped start a record label, pioneering a new concept and releasing several singles and albums. Business was sold to business partner in 2012.
2005 - 2012
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