Maximize Urban Mobility

Accelerate Decisions and Growth by bringing Mobility Experts into the room
Project management and management-for-hire
Movability leads projects and integrates into your organization
Regulation support
Movability brings experts and researchers into the mix, to help define sound regulations
Market research
Movability researches markets and customer segments to support in expansion decision making and building operations in new markets
Process building
Movability helps you optimize and build processes
Operational and vehicle insight
Movability provides insights into processes and supply chain
Building a supplier
Movability builds the supplier needed to accelerate your growth or cut costs

Network of experts and consultants

Movability's extensive network comprises experts with previous experience from a variety of domains within mobility companies, as well as consultants with experience from top-tier consultancies. Movability also collaborates with a select group of consultancies.

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Industry and
regulation expertise

Movability knows the mobility that make cities more sustainable


In a certain city, 5% of respondents claimed to have disposed of their car owing to the adoption of micromobility.


According to a study, a single car available for car-sharing can substitute for 10-15 privately owned cars.

Ride-hailing and DRT

Demand-Responsive-Transport (DRT) is often deemed the most optimal public transit alternative to serve the disabled population.


Studies in Switzerland have shown that MaaS combined ticketing can increase utilization of public transport.

EV incentives

EV incentives in Norway has brought the share of electric vehicles in new vehicle sales up to 80%.

Meet Lars

Movability's Managing Director is a mobility expert with extensive experience in micro mobility, known for launching and scaling TIER Mobility in Norway. Lars has consulted with both public and private organizations on mobility initiatives. He has a unique understanding of the mobility landscape, having navigated the regulatory landscape from both sides of the table.

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